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Assalamualaikum Wizards.

image What are you wearing ?
A: I always wear pyjamas or t-shirt.

image Even been in love ?
A: Yes , I'm in love with Taluwang image

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image Ever had a teribble breakup ?
A: Yes 

image How tall are you ?
A: 145 cm. People always thought that im a primary school because of my height. Gosh ! 

image How much do you weight ?
A: 38 kg . I think i eat so much but why is my weight is still the same.

image Any tattoos ?
A: Nah , in Islam it's Haram , bruh . Self harm and changing our physical creature .

image Any piercings ?
A: Actually when i was young , my answer will be YES , but now , my answer is NO .

image OTP ?
A: I ship them as a bestfriend . Phandom ! 

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image Favourite show ?
A: Running Man

image Favourite band ?

A: Deen Squad | Twenty one pilots | 5 Second of summer | The Vamps | Paramore | 1 Directions | The Neighbourhood.

image Something you miss ?

A: It's not something , but it's someone that i miss , i miss my friends tbh.

image Favourite song ?

A: Zawja by Deen Squad 

image How old are you ?

A: 19 years old on 4 Jan 2017 

image Zodiac sign ?

A: Capricorn 

image Quality you look for in partner ?

A: Never get bored to entertain me . Always share his story with me or talk to me (i dont't know how to chat with people) . Have a high level of patience with my childish behavior . Accept my flaws . Bring me to the straight path . funny . sweet . loyal . (woah ! so many quality maaa)

image Favourite quote ?

A: Don't let muggles let you down-Ronald Weasly 

image Favourite actor ?

A: All Harry Potter film's actor image

image Loud music or soft ?

A: Both .

image Favourite color ?

A: Pink , blue and pastel . Black and white .

image Where do you go when you're sad ?

A: Far from everyone so no one can see me cry 

image How long does it take you to shower ?

A: 10-15 minutes. Depends .

image How long does it take you to get ready in the morning ?

A: 5 minutes maybe after wake up in the morning.

image Ever been in a physical fight ?

A: yes , long time ago . Haha 

image Turn's on ?

A: Foods

image Turn's off ?

A: Two faced jerk

image The reason i joined Blog ?

A: When i see my friend's blog for the first time , i ask her to teach me how to use blog because i fall in love with her super duper cute blog and her theme was Pink . My fav all the time , yosh ! 

image Fears ?

A: Blood, hell , snake and thicklish thing 

image Last thing that make you cry ?

A: Watched Bhanjran Banjaangi 😭

image Last time you said you loved someone ?

A: My bestfriends . They are so fucking awesome ! Always make me laugh even tho sometime they annoy me .

image Meaning behind you blog's name ?

A: Hxnini Munx . Hanini , it was my name . Muna , combination of my parents names . Mukhlis & Zurina 

image Last book you read ?

A: Semusim Di Barzakh by Hadi Fayyadh .

image Last book you're currently reading ?

A: Nah . I don't have one . Im too lazy to read something now.

image Last show you watched ?

A: Maharaja Lawak Mega .

image Last person you talked to ?

A: My mom .

image The relationship between you and the person you last text ?

A: My bestfriend .

image Favourite food ?

A: Ramen Spicy Chicken Noodle ! image

image Place you want to visit ?

A: Apart from Makkah , i want to visit Bora-bora , Dubai , Japan , Australia and etc image

image Last place you were ?

A: Raintown coffee at Taiping [Green tea and chocolate strawberry , my fav drinking] lolol image

image Do u have a crush ?

A: yup  image

image Last time you kissed someone ?

A: Not a person but my cat . lolol image

image Last time you were insulted ?

A: Don't have . maybe or am forgot bout it . lmao .

image Favourite flavor of sweet ?

A: Chocolate image

image What instrument do you play ?

A: I don't have any instrument that i can play , the last time i played one was in Form 3.

image Favourite piece of jewelry ?

A: Ring ofcos !

image Last sport you played ?

A: Achery .

image Last song you sang ?

A: Can We Dance  image

image Favourite chat up line ?

A: Are you from Korea ? Because you could be my Seoul mate chia chia chia image

image Have you ever used it ?

A: Absolutely nah ! haha image

image Last time you hang out with someone ?

A: With my parents image

image Who should answer this question next ?

A: my sister and everyone who wanna try this image

Sincerely ,

Nnixin image


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